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There are plenty of reasons for that. You can submit your payment again by following these steps: Check if the credit card number and expiration date are filled correctly. Check if the address you mentioned is the same which is there on your statement. Verify that the amount you mentioned is within your credit card limit. Contact your financial institution and inform that you are making a purchase from us, so that they don’t find any suspicion regarding fraudulent transaction.
This happens because the taxes, services fee is charged separately but the final amount will be the same.
To get your detailed receipt of your booking, you need to visit the View Receipt column on your booking page.
If you are eligible for a refund, Tripfur will right away initiate the refund procedure. Once your refund is processed, your Bank may take up to 7 days to 10 days to show the amount in your account.
It depends on your destination, if you need a visa before your travel or not. Various countries will deny you entry if you don't have the correct documentation.
The amount of time before your visa expires is Validity whereas the maximum number of days allowed upon a single entry is refers as duration.
The cost of services generally involves government and document issuing fees, rush surcharges, service fees, delivery charges and foreign national surcharges. Foreign consular fees are referred as Government document issuing fees.
Validity of 6 months past your return to any country is required for visa application. It is recommended that renew your passport before getting your visa.
Validity of six months beyond the period of their planned stay is required.