Privacy Policy

The details like phone number, name, email ID, user ID and password which you share with us is saved in our database and we make sure that it is under high protection. Your information is never shared by any third party which you share with us at the time of your booking. Only the authorized member of can access the details so that they can offer you the best services.

It is up to the customers if they want to share each and every information with us but the mandatory information is required to make your booking procedure an easy process. If you are traveling with other members like family and friends then it is recommended to take their consent before sharing the information related to them.

When you are looking for your travels in website then some details are automatically get fetched like IP address, session data and web browser. It’s our right to collect that information from your PC like which page you have browsed, this helps us to offer you the best travel deals and we would know in advance that what you are looking for. has every right to modify the privacy policy at any moment without giving any prior notice to the customers. Normally we share the update with our customers via e-mail but in case you don’t get any such mail from us, then we would recommend you to visit the website frequently to get updated with the changes. If you get confused or need some information from us, then get connected through the call, e-mail or live chat. We would be happy to assist you anytime.