respects the privacy of it customers and we keen on maintaining the privacy of the website. All the information (name, email id, address, credit card details, etc) that you will provide us will be kept safe and secure and we will not be sharing any of this information with anyone outside

You can visit the website in incognito mode without sharing any details with us. We track your location, internet address, browser, and the domain from which you landed on the website, but all the information will be used only to improve the website behavior and content. The personal information (like name, address, phone number, credit card details, etc) will be required to only complete to your order and payment process.

We also use the “third party” cookies on the website which help in improving the website behavior, and to track the user interest. This data helps us in managing our website ads on the search network or the third party websites which help place ads related to our products and services. We collect this information with the help of “pixel” tag which is industry standard. The third party trackers do not know anything (name, address, location, etc) about you, but as mentioned earlier these help only in understanding your interest on the website products and services.

When you place any order on the website, or make any enquiry on, we collect the given below information from you:
Flying To and From:
Credit Card details:
Name & Age of Child (in case of child booking):

All the information you provide us will be used for communication with you and to provide you the updates for flight confirmation, change in schedule, or cashback offers (if applicable) change in privacy policy, latest offers on travel deals. All the promotional data will be provided /sent to you by email, which you can opt-out any time. We might call you only for updating you about your flight schedule and to provide other information related to your travel.

Credit Card details will be required only for making online transaction for the payment of the travel package/flight booking. Your data will be secure and will not be used without your consent. All the transactions are made secure with the help of latest and secure payment gateway.

At we will continue to make our website safe and secure for you, and will continue to upgrade the website security to make sure that all your data is in safe hands and no one can use your data.

Also, as we change in our website structure or website policy we will keep on updating you by email or phone number, also we will make changes on our “Privacy Policy” page.

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In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, we earnestly request you to stay connected with us for updates by airlines so your decisions concerning travel date changes and cancellations are well informed.