Passport Information

Everyday thousands of travellers travel across the boundaries of countries and continents, and it is very necessary to carry your travel documents and must keep them safe and handy all the time. These travel documents consists of a valid Passport and a valid visa. Also we want to tell you that there are some information in your passport, that might be disclosed with us, and that is also mentioned on your passport document rules.

Departure Requirements:

Every country has a different set of rules for travelling, and it is always advised to carry your all necessary documents on the check-out time. The required document which you need to carry are a valid passport, your visa to the travelling country, (not required for countries with on-arrival visa, but you need to carry a supporting document for that, as you might need to apply for that, 1 month prior to that). Besides that if you are going for domestic travel, then you need to show a valid identity proof provided by your govt. If you are a US citizen and having a U.S. Passport card, then you can’t travel outside United States.

Also it is mandatory to keep your Passport and Visa valid for next 6 months, as less than that period there might be some last minute situation while travelling to other country.

Entry Requirement:

Every country has its own set of requirements for entry documents, and your Passport and Visa health are on the top priority. For your entry in United States it is necessary to have your passport and visa valid for next 6 months. Similarly for other countries there are another set of rules for entering their countries. Continue reading for the rules and requirements for visiting other countries or for having a connecting flight to other countries.If you are one want to visit the United States under the Visa Waiver Program, please visit the complete guidelines here.

Moreover, all VWP explorers are required to get an approval through ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) before making a trip to the U.S. Travellers who don't acquire ESTA approval before travelling might not be allowed to get board on the plane. Explorers applying for ESTA will be liable to an ESTA application expense. Apply and learn more on the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Customs and Border Protection (CBP) website.

Also the Office Of Biometric Studies (OBIM) collects and analyzes the data of all immigrants before entering into the country. Please find additional information on DHS website.

I-94 Form

If you are travelling to the United States need to fill out the I-94 form, except for the following travellers:

  • US Citizens,
  • Travellers returning to the United States,
  • Canadian citizens,
  • Non-US citizens arriving under VWP

Stopover in United States

If you have a stopover at one of the airports in United then you might need to show your documents at the United States Airport. Also if you have more than one stop in United States then you need not to clear the customs again and again.

Passport Policies for Other Nations:


If you have a stopover in Australia or going to travel the country, then you must have a valid passport and visa or ETA. For more information check out the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service website.

Also if you carrying any goods or funds to or from Australia, you need to show the related documents on the airport at customs.


Since March 2016, travelers of certain countries like United States don’t need a valid visa while travelling to United States. For more information please visit their website also if you are a US citizen you need to give an eta, read more here.


If you are planning to visit Honduras, you will now go paperless and will do all the verification process at the time of arrival in to the country. To save time at airport you can also complete your Visa process at

United Kingdom:

United Kingdom Border Force offers the Registered Traveler program to facilitate the preparing of preapproved okay universal explorers entering the UK. Individuals will get profit by speedier travel through the air terminal, and can also utilize ePassport entryways with a biometric identification or join the line assigned for EU/EEA nationals, accordingly essentially lessening hold up time when entering the UK. Extra data can be found on the UK Border Agency site.


If you are the one travelling from China to United States, then you need to have a one of the following visas:
10 year B1/B2,
B1, or
B2 visa.
For more info, checkout the US Govt website.