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We assist you to choose the best deal and with arrangements of your travel plan, but in case of failure in performing the services by the service provider, Tripfur would not be liable for any such situation. We would always be with you and try to assist you get the problem resolved.

The terms and conditions for each services purchased would be from the service provider’s end and Tripfur would not be involved in the same. In such case cancellation or exchange of the purchase would involve penalties declared by the service provider and we do not have any control over it.

There might be scenarios, where the service provider might default prior to providing the services. In such scenarios, the service provider would be responsible for the refunds and Tripfur would not be liable for the same. We would assist you resolve the same but would not be responsible for the same.

Tripfur.com is only a travel tool which would help you make your travel plans easy. We would not be liable for any fluctuations in the price, booking or the schedules of the travel plans which would occur before or after the payment for the same.

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Tripfur.com authorizes that it offers the highest standards of travel products and service in the trade and practices right care in selecting suppliers, so as to ensure maximum safety against such defaults to our customers.

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