We Design the best of services for you traveling back home.

Our Brand

Tripfur.com.au is the travel website which believes in working with a mission “People First”. We also travel and know the hows and whats that are faced by every customer. Therefore, we decided to put people first and understand what they need when it comes to traveling and booking the trip.

When you hear “Ghar Aaja”, the first thing that would definitely strike your mind is getting a flight to travel to your hometown. But that’s not all, our motto is to design a memorable journey to your home. We not only connect you with the flights but connect you emotionally with your family. When you plan a trip with us, we know how you are feeling emotionally. That eagerness to reach home and to hug your near ones and share some moments with them is a universal emotion that we share as well. We feel the same thing when booking your trip and that’s the reason why we put people first.

Who We Are

Tripfur is a hope, a motive and a realistic step to provide quality of services that go beyond the normal service industry trend. We began as JourneyCook and soon realized the void of the industry that required exclusive experiences for folks traveling back homeland – a place familiarly new and newly unfamiliar.

Why ‘People First’

Because your journey starts with just the booking but we accompany you more than that. We not only cater to the travel industry but to the service providing industry as well. Our job doesn’t end with you booking that perfect trip back home. It merely begins at that point. When you book with us, we consider it as an onus to provide you everything at your fingertips. We understand when you need professional services that help create experiences ensuring a seamless vacation.

What We Do

We help you book with ease and comfort. The idea is to cater to all the Indians who want to return home. Tripfur caters to all those big travel requirements of guests who are connoisseurs of their fate and expect the best from every experience which includes planning a trip back to their homeland.

At Tripfur, we go into all the details of planning and overcoming challenges that come with booking. We are happy to help you out with ticket booking and traveling when you really need it. As your trusted travel advisors and planners, we have one simple aim – to ensure your trip is hassle-free with warm experiences, trip that stands out and makes you feel welcome home in a loving manner.